Send and receive faxes flexibly via any device!


Ready to get rid of the hardware and operating costs and inflexibility of your conventional fax solution? The cloud fax service provides a web front-end for faxing on any device, including bizhub MFPs. No need of a fax option or telephone connection on your MFP.

You can choose to receive incoming faxes by email, or to print them via follow-me or direct print. For outgoing faxes, you have easy access to your personal or global address book. Central archiving provides full transparency of your fax history. Make faxing smart, simple and flexible.

How to get started

Send a fax

  1. Create a fax from several PDF files
  2. Check it on your device via page preview
  3. Specify several recipient numbers
  4. Hit the Send button
  5. The transmission protocols are sent via e-mail, as a direct entry in a connected cloud repository (Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.) or, optionally, as a printout

Alternatively, you can also use the Cloud Fax service like a classic fax machine. This means you scan paper documents directly at the MFP and send them.

Receive a fax

  • Incoming fax is received via Workplace Pure web interface
  • You can then re-direct the fax by e-mail or automatically archive (directly or upon request)
  • You can also choose to have the faxes you receive printed out and ready for collection


File formats supported: